1° Print the letters.

2°Ask the child to paint the letters.

3°Together with your child, look in magazines or newspapers for the main letter on the page.

4° Cut the chosen letter from the page. The adult must do this..

5° Ask the child to glue the letter to the relevant page..

6º Repeat the activity while the child is still full of enthusiasm.

7° Arrange the pages in the ABC sequence.

8º Click on the letter you want to print.



Hunting Letters Objective

The search for a letter within a text trains a child to become familiar with long texts and, at the same time will associate these with a pleasant activity. The idea that reading can be full of pleasant surprises is strengthened each time that a relevant letter is found.

When gluing the letter to the page remember that position is important and that this is a preperation for writing. Gluing the letters is fun for the child and also creates a souvenir of its intellectual effort.

The parents´ participation in the activity will also make the child feel valued and that reading and writing can be great fun!
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